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Damages Caused by a Tradesman

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  • Damages Caused by a Tradesman


    I listed a small job on Builderscrack website and a Tradesman responded to that. He had a reasonably good reviews.The job was awarded and I realised he is not really equipped to do the job. While carrying out the job he had casued 2 damages to the property and it is going to cost me about $ 1800 to fix that.

    Is there any way I can recoup this from the Tradesman or from Builderscrack.

    Any previous such experience.



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    The Tradesman - builderscrack is only a listing service, your contract was with the builder.
    Good luck.


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      BuildersCrack is rubbish. Several threads on it here.

      Sue the tradesman through the Disputes Tribunal.
      Squadly dinky do!


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        Originally posted by Davo36 View Post
        BuildersCrack is rubbish.
        I wouldn't go that far, but it can be hit and miss. I've had some great tradies through it, but I've also had a couple of cowboys.
        My blog. From personal experience.


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          It doesn’t matter what advertise service you use to find a trader, it matters how you engage somebody for a job and make sure the deliverables/risks are clearly understood. I found on Builderscrack good traders who did good work for me and others I wouldn’t work with because of not being insured for damage to client’s property.

          When confirming a job (quote) I do that in writing after discussing the details including trader’s insurance. The complexity of a job is differently rated by you and the builder. It is good practice also to attach details like payment schedule and time frame for completion.

          If you don’t have anything to prove your position (what has been agreed) it will be difficult to make a claim against a tradesperson.


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            what damage has he done that costs $1800


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              Originally posted by Davo36 View Post

              BuildersCrack is rubbish.
              I found an excellent Brickie from BuildersCrack, in the Waikato area.


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                This guy had no gear with him. He went on to the attic to check something and walkd on the false ceiling and punched 3 holes in the ceiling. He did not have a proper ladder and used the the domestic ladder I had at home. He could not reach the gutter because the height of the ladder was not enough. So he was balancing one foot on the exterior cladding to reach the gutter. Obviously he had applied too much pressure and punced another big hole of the exterior clading. To fix this alone I have a quote of $ 1300 + GST


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                  whats the exterior cladding?