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  1. i just saw your conversation request. if you can work on the numbers bellow that you mentioned you will make money.
    unless there are major unknown issues.... and your estimates are wrong.
    50k over CV will be bargain in Auckland. just make sure you do proper Due Diligence an keep in touch with the sellers so they come to you first when they ready to sell.
  2. Hi Orkibi,

    I'm not 100% on the numbers for the property but these are what I have at present:

    Their RV is 700k (they don't know what they will ask for it yet, I think they were going to try sell next year), my parents(next door) after their Reno is 1.2mil.
    The houses are both identical but the land is a bit smaller than my parents.
    Property is in Kelburn.
    Not sure on Reno costs, I'll have to talk to my parents about how much theirs cost as it would be a similar job, maybe not to such a high standard as theirs though.
    I was hoping to buy for 750k, Reno for 150-200k and try sell for 1.2+ (very amateur guess though)
    We having sent inspectors or valuerers through yet as we are just pondering the option.
    Sorry to send by message but I didn't know if that info would be a bit personal to post.
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