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  1. Hi essence, most advice about trees on pt is pretty good, but some I believe is incorrect. With trees, don't take any chances, the council arborists can really come down hard, they are probably the most powerfull of all council administrators. The best advice I can give is a rule of thumb given to me by Tree fellas, Seth. They are councils Horticulture consultants and have saved me from myself, If the tree can be seen from the road or street, and is 8mtrs plus in height, check it out first, and the council arborists will totally support you. They want you to check, saves them a lot of work, nothing to fear from them if you ask. And, you might even find that they will sort it for you, they have for me, on a number of occassions. If you need someone to have a look, I will be happy to assist you, in Auckland. If your not in Auckland, just phone your council, the same rules apply to us all over the country.
  2. Yep thats the one, sorry about that, I put it down to old age, just hope I'm not going senile, haven't started dribbling yet, so theres still hope. Still finding my way around PT, but feel a little more confident with finding things, Thanks so much for you help, and support,
  3. Hi essence. can you tell me where my add for property inspections has gone, after it was moved to caveat emptore. I can't seem to find it
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