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  1. Sorry didnt answer your question in full.What I have to offer is I'm a property manager ( so I can manage the properties all by myself. On all the rentals that I have I've done all the grunt work by myself ie painting, landscaping so I can manage all that side of things. I'm also fantastic at finding deals as I have some excellent contacts that are agents who expose me to the hot deals but I do prefer doing my deals directly through with the vendor which is achieved by running ads in the paper 'wanted to buy'. I hope this answers everything that you want.....if you want to give me a call please do not hesitate 027 25 77 696 and we could mabe discuss this further over a cofee face to face?
  2. Hi GraemehIt was put to me by my mortgage broker that my income levels aren't higher enough to service the mortgage. So to answer your question I'm looking for a JV partner that has the deposit money (20%) and has a healthy income level. It just does not make sense that I'm presenting hot deals to the banks that are cash flow positive by a long shot and they still wont consider it. Happy Investing
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