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Where To Buy Property In Winter Ski Resorts

buy a ski resort property

If you’re keen to winter in Europe, head to the Alps, the dream destination for die-hard and non-skiers alike.

Winter ski resorts are also famous for holiday homes. Property investors also see value in investing in an apartment or chalet. This blog post examines why and where you’d choose European ski resorts for your home, a second home or an investment property.

European Ski Resorts

Usually, finding short-stay accommodation in a popular European ski resort would be straightforward. Properties are either investor or privately owned; most are rentable during the year. However, you might buy a home in a ski resort in the Alps rather than rent one for many reasons.

Scenic Beauty and Recreation

The Alps offer breathtaking landscapes with snow-covered peaks and picturesque valleys. The region is known for its winter sports and offers outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, and cycling during the summer months, which are particularly popular in Switzerland.

People often seek second homes in the Alps to enjoy these recreational opportunities and the natural beauty, and then they fall in love with it and want residency or citizenship.

Winter Sports

The Alps are a major destination for winter sports enthusiasts, offering world-class skiing and snowboarding facilities. Many individuals who are passionate about these activities choose to invest in second homes in the Alps to have convenient access to the slopes and resorts.

Luxury and Lifestyle

The Alps are home to several upscale and luxurious ski resorts that cater to those seeking a high-end lifestyle. Second homes in these areas allow individuals to enjoy the prestige of owning property in exclusive mountain resorts.

Investment Potential

The real estate market in popular Alpine destinations has shown stability and potential for appreciation over time. Some people view owning a second home in the Alps as a good investment, expecting property values to increase in the long run.


Many ski resorts in the Alps are well-connected by transportation infrastructure, making them easily accessible from major European cities. This accessibility is a significant factor for individuals who want a second home that is not too remote and can be reached conveniently.

Cultural Appeal

The Alps have a rich cultural heritage, and the surrounding towns and villages often feature charming architecture, traditional cuisine, and local customs. This cultural appeal adds to the overall experience of owning a second home in the region.

Escape from City Life

For those living in urban areas, the Alps provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Second homes in the Alps offer a tranquil retreat where individuals can relax and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Health and Wellness

The fresh mountain air and the opportunity for outdoor activities contribute to the perception of the Alps as a health and wellness destination. Some people choose to have a second home in the Alps for the potential health benefits of the alpine environment.


The combination of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, investment potential, and a desirable lifestyle makes the ski resorts of the Alps popular choices for second homes.

Tough Times

Homeowners and investors with properties in ski resorts had no choice but to leave their properties empty during the pandemic, which meant that they had to forgo the income they’d usually get from vacationers to pay their property expenses, including

  • property taxes
  • property insurance
  • maintenance
  • cleaning
  • complex fee

Property investors rely solely on rental income to pay the annual outgoings associated with their apartment or chalet. For example, an apartment’s property maintenance and cleaning costs are calculated per square meter, ranging from €3-7 m/2 per month. The minimum price per month for an apartment of 600 m2 would be €180. Plus there are the other costs too.

Ski resorts continued to be popular with locals as soon as travel restrictions eased, albeit rental incomes were not as healthy as before the pandemic.

Many investors and some homeowners had to quit and sell their properties. It was a buyer’s market at this time, so if the numbers worked for you, it was the right time to buy a property in a popular ski resort!

Today, the foreign travellers are back. Investors are confident in buying an apartment or residence in a popular ski resort, knowing that rental demand and occupancy rates are now normal.

However, the main threat to the Alps is people and climate change, which threatens skiing and tourism.  The Alps is more than skiing, though, with agriculture, mining, and manufacturing contributing to the local economy.

Where To Look For a Ski Resort Property?

While the bottom of the market has passed, let’s see where you could buy a ski resort property in Europe. According to a recent blog post, some of the best resorts and locations to buy a chalet include:

  • Verbier
  • The Three Valleys
  • Crans-Montana
  • Tignes and Val d’Isere
  • Alp d’Huez

Everyone has heard of the famous Verbier resort in Switzerland. The good news is it’s not just the rich and famous who can get a foothold in its property market. There’s no denying some expensive homes with sales prices of £20m+, but apartments for less than £1m.

Another sought-after resort is Alp d’Huez in France, where you’ll find many more properties for sale for less than £1m.

If you can stretch the budget a lot further, a newly built apartment in a top resort like Val d’Isere will set you back £1.5m; however, you get the luxury and space: There is a 120 sqm floorplan and complex amenities, including a lounge bar, bike and ski rooms.

Ski resorts are popular all year round for outdoor pursuits from golf, hiking, and mountain biking to skiing and attract holidaymakers for short-term stays. Property owners can secure high occupancy rates to pay the ongoing annual costs and spend at the resort.