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Thinking about wall cladding? Explore the options first!

house cladding

If you turn back the pages in a history book, you will realize that, like everything around us, the structure or the architecture of our homes and buildings have evolved a great deal over the decades. Earlier, the main motto of people was just to have a roof over their head, and thus the houses were simple and met only the bare minimum.

The need for having a luxurious or an extravagant house was completely absent. It is with the advent of time and advancement of technologies that people started upgrading and renovating their simple homes into something more complex and (of course!) stunning.

However, with more complex version come more responsibilities. Now, just building a perfect and extravagant house is not enough. To increase its monetary value in the market, one has to invest after its maintenance.

One of the best ways to maintain and protect the exterior of a building is by cladding it with aluminium composite panels. Not only for the glamorous touch that it adds to the surface of any structure but also for the strength, durability, flexibility and weather-resistant qualities, says local firm Dunmoe Cladding Services.

Various cladding options:

It is always a good idea to properly maintain one’s house, as it helps a great deal in appreciating the property’s net worth in the real estate market. Cladding does the same thing by making the building look stunning from the outside, and also by providing water resistance and insulation.

Cladding does not mean just one particular design using a particular colour and texture. There is a wide range of external wall cladding materials; each of them would give a different end result. Here are a few options:

  • Brick: No blogs on cladding can be complete without mentioning the classic yet stunning brick cladding. This kind of cladding technique is age-old, but it never goes out of style due to its simplicity. It is perfect for cladding commercial buildings and houses. Not only various attractive patterns can be made with the help of brick cladding, but they are also available in various colours to suit your taste and preference.
  • Wood: Who doesn’t like that raw wood finish on anything? So needless to say that wood cladding is effortlessly stunning, and instantly renders that vintage yet classy look to the building. There are a very few people who can say no to wood – so wood cladding is a smart choice to easily attract potential buyers if you are thinking about selling off the property in a few years. Not only is wood cladding trendy, but it is also a sustainable alternative to other cladding materials. Wood cladding is also available in a wide range of profiles, grades and species to match fit your expectation like a glass shoe.
  • Composite: Want something more hard-core with the look of a natural material? Composite cladding is what you need. It is often seen as the perfect alternative to wood or timber cladding. Majority of the time, composite cladding is made from aluminium or amalgamation of plastic and recycled timbre. It helps in giving the traditional finish of the classy timbre, along with the durability of a composite that has been carefully engineered. It is thus the best of both worlds!
  • Ceramic: Again this kind of cladding technique using ceramic tiles is an age-old practice dating back to the Nile civilization of ancient Egypt. In modern times, brick slip and terracotta rain screen cladding systems are used in such projects. The tiles protect the structure and also render a nice finish.

These are the few common yet classic cladding options available today. However, there are a lot more than these. You could also go for a statement and edgy design with the help of metal cladding. However, no matter what the style is, the cladding will protect your property and enhance its value.