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Minimalist Decor Ideas for the Holidays You’ll Fall in Love With


Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t think about the holidays. Hello, Christmas in July, anyone!

The holidays are a magical time when the family gets together to celebrate one another. We swap gifts, sing songs, share stories, eat, and feel connected.

This year, we’re all a little distracted with the pandemic, and as such we’re spending more time at home. Well, staying home can be exciting too when you know how to spend your leisure time actively.

In this article, we help you celebrate the holidays in style, i.e. you’re going to add some quick and easy decor improvements to your home and without giving up an ounce of your minimalist vibe.

With our minimalist decor ideas, you’ll be free to spread the cheer with your friends and family and also share your creativity with your network on social media.

The aim of what we’re suggesting you get stuck into is visually impressive but without endorsing all the clutter that can occur when you add interior design furnishings.

Here are five simple ways to make the holidays magical and functional with loads of style, flair, and minimalism. Plus you can do it no matter what’s going on around you, i.e. lockdown or restrictive movement outdoors will be the furthest thing from your mind.

1. Tie Your Room Together with a Minimalist Wreath

A beautiful minimalist wreath is perfect for any time of year, but especially during the holidays. You can incorporate the colors of Autumn during Thanksgiving, and then move into dressing up pines and holly for the Winter months.

Simple to make, yet elegant, minimalist wreaths are all about bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside to breathe in your home. You’ll be amazed at how one wreath can help you transform a space or bring style ideas together.

Don’t like a full wreath, consider a half wreath, they can marry your love for the holiday season with your minimalist spirit.

2. Add an Ornate Bowl

Never underestimate the power of an ornate bowl to add to the decor of a room. Around Thanksgiving decorate with pine cones, pumpkins, brightly colored leaves, and other elements of the season.

At Christmastime, switch to pine cones with pine branches and holly berry, or a simple pinecone and crystal ornament bowl. It’s the perfect compliment to celebrate the season without feeling cluttered.


3. Create a Decorative Christmas Tray

Add a little pop of color and Christmas spirit to your living room, dining room, or kitchen with a decorative Christmas tray. Here are some things you can add to your tray to make it minimalist, yet elegant:

  • A mini Christmas Tree wrapped with burlap
  • A small bowl of peppermints
  • A simple red Christmas decoration to tie it all together
  • Add pinecones of a vase with holly berries if you can’t find a good decoration

4. Minimalist Christmas Tree

Skip the ornaments and go with a simple, small minimalist Christmas tree. You can place it in a basket with a fuzzy blanket to keep it looking cozy in the corner.

Throw a few minimalist paper-wrapped presents around the basket for an extra added touch. Add some pine cones or holly twigs for a bit of depth and a splash of color.

5. Mason Jar Christmas Lighting

A simple way to add some soft Christmas lighting to your space is with mason jar Christmas lights. Add a copper-based LED Christmas light to your mason jar, create some Chrismas decorations to go inside with it, or leave as-is, it’s up to you, and then you’re done.

Arranging them on a tray or in a line is very beautiful and elegant. These mason jar lights can be made with simple decorations found at the dollar store.

Merry Minimalist Christmas

We hope these minimalist decor ideas help you celebrate the holidays without sacrificing your minimalist vibe.

For more information about more simple decor ideas, helpful tips about real estate, and advice on how to care for your home, please check out our blog.

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