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Marketing Design Tips For Real Estate

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Original. Unique. Having the WOW Factor. In this world of competition, it can be difficult for estate agents to consistently have the creativity they need to come up with real estate marketing ideas that touch the soul of prospective homeowners, more so when you’re selling THE dream of becoming a homeowner. For the first time!

So, what’s the answer to your creativity block? Simple: Think outside the box!

Nowadays, people don’t want to go through the hassle of sorting through the letterbox. Marketing material at best is given a short glance and then if you’re luckily set aside. Though more often, it’s circular filed, aka put in the trash.

Go Online

Traditional marketing still has a place, albeit not as sizeable as it once was, now digital marketing rules the roost.

With social media and online search the go-to for almost everything – it pays to commit most of your client’s real estate marketing budget to online strategies.

Even if you’re partway through a marketing campaign for a seller using hard copies, don’t panic; moving over to digital is easy. Just swap the different paper sizes to digital pixels, and everything else will present as it should be online and offline.

Let’s look at six strategies, some traditional as well as digital, to design marketing material that is sure to get more leads.

Offer a Home Valuation Tool

The first thing sellers do when they think about selling their house is find out its value. What better way to entice them than offering a free home valuation tool! This should be placed on your landing page so that it’s the first thing a person sees when they click on your website.

Keep the design simple with just one question: Want to know how much your house is worth?

Explain the Process Through a Video

What do homeowners and buyers look for in a real estate agent? Someone who has excellent knowledge about the market!

Often, real estate agents don’t involve clients much in the marketing process and prefer to say: “You don’t need to worry about it. I’ll handle it.”

However, more often than not, statements like that won’t seal the deal. Remember, homeowners, are more aware of the property market today. They know what their home is worth, and that is it a big-ticket item that needs professional marketing and sales negotiation. Therefore be transparent with your marketing and sales process. Let sellers know exactly how you plan to market their home to get people to the viewings and negotiate the best sales price.


An explainer video is perfect for the repetitive task of how you manage your clients’ listings. Dress for success that may require a suit or smart casual, depending on your location. Set up your meeting by arranging the necessary papers on the table. Then show the explainer video – which goes through the steps of buying a house, including:

  • House appraisal
  • Loan process
  • Home inspection
  • Title search
  • Sale negotiation
  • Closing

Make sure to keep the video short, under 5 minutes, so that you don’t bore people. Be upbeat in your video and conclude it by telling people why they should hire you.

Take Your Business Card to the Next Level

Your business card does not need to be a rectangle that measures 3.5 inches x 2 inches. There are different paper sizes to choose from, and your pick should be based on the information you want to write on it.

Here are some business card ideas of home services that will spark your imagination and help you come up with a unique design for your real estate sales service:

  • A business card of a moving company that doubles as a small cargo box
  • A business card for a gardening service that doubles as a small envelope have seeds in it

Aren’t these ideas amazing? Plus, get help from a creative person. Friends, family or marketers will have some ideas you can mull over and maybe you just blindly pick one from a hat!

Use Internet Memes to Get Your Message to Your Target Audience

Nobody has got time to read long blogs! Yes, visuals make them slightly bearable and with graphs and charts added, people give the content more than a cursory glance. However, what gets more attention is memes!

This is a fun marketing tactic that will give your customers something to laugh about, and that is important. So, the next time you see a meme making rounds on the internet, immediately use it on Facebook or Twitter with your twist of real estate humour.

Create Virtual Tours for Your Listing

Do you have listings that are special and cater to a specific audience? For example, you have got a house in your old-style inventory with a fantastic foundation and have that Victorian feel that most people look for.

Why not furnish the house with the right type of furniture and make a virtual tour to show customers how the house would look with their belongings in it? This is a great way to reel in leads who can’t make up their mind.

Host a Free Seminar

By hosting a free seminar to tell future buyers about the home buying process and how to solve any after-sale problems, you can market your knowledge. As we said earlier, customers want to hire someone well-versed in the process, which is the best way to show them.

Keep in mind that today’s consumers love to do most of the legwork by themselves. There’s plenty of information online that can help them understand the process. However, when it comes from a real estate agent they hired, it makes them feel valued.

Lastly, spruce up your website so that when someone lands on your page after seeing your business card, they are impressed enough with the design and content to contact you. Keen to learn more? See this article on letting your clients know what to look out for to avoid scams when buying a home.

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