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Facts You Should Know About REITs

Did you know that according to Forbes, the real estate industry ranks third after Finance and Investment, and Investment and Retail in making wealth worldwide? Indeed, the popularity of this industry is no mistake, and you may have come across the term Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs.) Investors enjoy payouts that grow steadily, making it […]

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When To Consider A USDA Loan

If you’re buying a home, the chances are that you need a mortgage. There are a wide variety of loans, each of them with their own requirements. Most commonly, a homeowner needs to contribute funds, known as a deposit. The deposit is usually a percentage of the whole value of the home, most often set […]

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financing commercial property

7 Types of Commercial Real Estate Loans Available to You

Financing is an essential element to securing a commercial business location in most instances. But what are the options and how do you qualify? Click here as we detail seven types of commercial real estate loans to get you started. There are 28 million small businesses in the United States and that number continues to […]

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first time property buyer

Financial Tips for Property Market Investors

Investing in property is both a lucrative and a risky business and, whether you’re buying your first property or investing in a larger portfolio of home investments, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve taken the necessary financial precautions in order to maximise your potential profit while minimising the risk that you’ll lose cash on your […]

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credit score

How to Secure a Loan for Home Owners With Bad Credit

Prospective homebuyers not in the know, with a bad credit rating will be discouraged from applying for a home loan. They wrongly believe going through the application process would be a waste of time as they’ll be turned down. Well don’t be put off – having a bad credit rating isn’t always due to a […]

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terraced house

A beginners guide to mortgages

Young people are increasingly giving up on home ownership, as so-called ‘Generation Rent’ struggle to meet mortgage lenders’ requirements. But, there are ways you can secure your place on the property ladder – and a mortgage deal that works for you. With the Bank of Mum and Dad taking a downward turn, it can be […]

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choosing the right mortgage broker

5 Tips for Picking the Right Mortgage Broker

Experts believe that the size of the UK mortgage industry will increase between 2018 and 2019. This is mainly due to a more liquid marketplace and lower interest rates. If you are hoping to secure a mortgage, it is always wise to address a handful of issues. Let’s look at five methods which will enable […]

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new vs existing home purchase

Ways to Finance your First Home

Getting on the property market for the first time can be a difficult task.  It is much more complicated than it used to be, making it harder for first time buyers than ever before.  Due to this, people may need to think of more inventive ways to finance their first home to make that first […]

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