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    Default Looking for a property lawyer & accountant in greater Wgtn area


    Do you have a good lawyer and accountant in greater Wellington area?

    If you could recommend someone, that would be much appreciated.


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    May 2008


    I recommend going to a specialist property accountant regardless of where you live.
    Mine works 600 kms from me and I've never met him face to face.

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    I use these guys


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    Bear in mind there is skype, emails etc, so having your accountant in the same town isn't really necessary!

    If you are property focused, then I would suggest getting a real property accountant. So most accountants will say we do property, but not many really specialise in it. I would suggest giving an accounting firm a ring first and asking what they specialise in? If they say property great! If they list 5-10 things, then they don't really.

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    Peter Brinsley is often recommended for conveyancing. I believe that is all he does and very reasonably priced. Have not used him myself but he has looked after the vendor side of several of my purchases with no issues (for me).

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    Just do your own research and try someone you are comfortable with. Its better to go with someone who you can actually get hold of or speak to when you need them most. Some so-called property accountants and lawyers core job is to get your business-that's all they care. You will see them giving tit bits of free info here, on a webinar or at an investment seminar. They are experts yes but they actually don't deal with you in the day to day affairs. Like I said their main job is to promote their business here. Once you sign on with them , you are then looked after by a junior staff who may not have the same expertise as the person promoting their business here.

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    Dec 2011


    I use Peter Brinsley for conveyancing and refinancing, and confirm he is very reasonably priced, and very efficient too.
    Also he sorted a problem with the title on a property bought last year, right of way over the shared driveway had accidently been erased 20 some years ago during a boundary change and had not been picked up as property had same owner for that long. Fixing involved deciphering titles, contacting other propery owner's lawyers, and writing to LINZ, again Peter Brinsley was efficient and inexpensive.

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    Dec 2011


    Accountant, I use Curtis McLean, they are a reasonable size but without the disadvantage of an expensive office and resultant high overheads to pass on. I have not been able to fault them. I attended a seminar a few weeks ago for the first time where a property accountant outlined how they could help, I decided they were not offering any advice or planning I wasn't already getting.
    Property lawyer, I use Peter Brinsley

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    Thanks very much for your valuable information!

    I've had experience with 2 chartered accountants, but was not happy with them at all. The first one passed the work to the junior and the work done was not satisfactory. The second one was not good either and he and his colleague went to Australia.

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    Apr 2006


    Hi mate,

    I use Paul Logan at ARL lawyers in Lower Hutt. 04 5666777 (easy to remember telephone number)

    My accountant is in Auckland through. Mike Renner, 09 479 6435. Google both for websites. I have been using both for over 5 years now.

    Its all good.

    All the best,



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