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    Default Chimney replacement program - what to get


    I have a golden opportunity to either rebuild my old chimney, or replace it with an approved heating source.

    After the Canterbury earthquake EECA is offering a clean heat replacement, instead of rebuilding your chimney.
    You can choose between heatpumps, gas fires, wood fires, and pellit fires.

    List of appliances: http://www.eeca.co.nz/sites/all/file...s-24-09-10.xls
    You can choose any appliance you want from that list.

    Anybody have any experiences with the Gas fires?

    I already have a 6.25kw heatpump in the same room. In the dead of the Christchurch winter the heatpump has to be turned up to 26C for short periods.

    I want a nice inbuilt gas fire, primarily to increase the house value and create atmosphere - rather than a heating source. They probably just the fanciest one

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    people keep trying to rewrite the world as themselves

    like that'll work...

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    Are you on gas already?

    Daily line charges for gas can be expensive...and you have to pay them 365 days a year....even when not using your heater.

    And who pays for the installation and connection costs?

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    Personally I'd go for the 30kw pellet boiler but that's probably overkill

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    Quote Originally Posted by graemeh View Post
    Personally I'd go for the 30kw pellet boiler
    Pellet fires are not so great if the power goes off a bit at your place. Should be fine in town.

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    I just wanted something flash looking, with a bit of atmosphere. I am in Avonhead. No real earthquake or power issues here.
    Our chimney was very tall and brick with zero reinforcing.

    I heard it was about $90 per year? I have no gas currently, but it is a possibility that I would go gas for hot water sometime in the future.

    All installation and setup costs are paid for by EQC/EECA.
    Last edited by Psilan; 16-11-2010 at 04:00 PM.

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    Our gas line charge in Wellington is around $1 a day. It's possible to get it for half that if you find the right supplier. The actual gas usage is on top of that.

    $90 per year seems rather cheap but you can obviously confirm that with one of the gas suppliers in Christchurch.

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    Contact (Rockgas) prices;

    $98.14 rental per year.
    2 cylinders.

    $108 to refill one.

    -$163 per year discount if you are already a contact customer (yes I am).

    Not too bad.

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    Call me and I'll talk the options over with you gas is ok but exp and still needs power!

    Hm 322 4741

    Mobile 021 613 391


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    Quote Originally Posted by Psilan View Post
    Contact (Rockgas) prices;

    $98.14 rental per year.
    2 cylinders.

    $108 to refill one.

    -$163 per year discount if you are already a contact customer (yes I am).

    Not too bad.
    Ohhhh, I forget not everyone has piped gas. I guess the question then is running costs, i.e. how much gas do you actually get for your $108.


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