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  1. See ashcrofthomes.co.nz, they build a home for...

    See ashcrofthomes.co.nz, they build a home for $265K not $350K. I got that tip at a seminar (not my own plug)
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    I have to agree with Orkibi that its a popular...

    I have to agree with Orkibi that its a popular West Auckland suburb especially if near school or mall, and houses are sturdy. When we cashed up henderson we bought 2 units on one site in Penrose,...
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    Henderson is slow

    We had a rental there for 14 years. Capital gain was really slow, returns not good enough so we sold it last year. If you buy a do up and do a basic renovation, you may do ok.
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    Renovation Budget or Checklist

    Hi does anyone know of a spreadsheet I can use to calculate what my renovation will cost? We are about to do a total renovation for a 2 bedroom unit and I need to cost room by room the costs. E.g....
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